A survey on Educating Special Peoples

The literacy rate among disables is very low, we have limited number of special education institutions in Pakistan and these institutions are also in urban localities while 80% of special people are living in our rural areas where there is no even single special education centre. In this context, we should work on some innovative ideas to improve conditions for disables to get education. In the developed world, school-age children and adolescents with disabilities, in light of the actual conditions, receive compulsory education through one of the following way. The Students with special need study in the classes of ordinary schools or in special education classes attached to ordinary schools. And if he or she remains unable to adjust in both these systems then he or she will admitted in special education schools. The education of students with disabilities is carried out by adopting normal or special methods of education according to different categories of disabilities and varied learning abilities and aptitudes of individuals, and by bringing into full play the role of ordinary educational institutions in the education of persons with disabilities.

The advanced countries have adopted the strategy to bring disables in mainstream and integrate them in society through education. Whenever possible, whenever disability is milled and the child able to learn, even if more slowly than other children, and whenever classes are small enough in number for a child with learning problem to be adequately catered for. They (advanced countries) put such students in ordinary schools because it helps

Child to be integrated into the mainstream.

Research shows that, the disables including the mentally retarded, best grow and develop in association with their normal peers. Thus the present system of having separate education and training centers will have to be replaced by their induction into mainstream education and training institutes.

Now I want your opinion on the issue, what do you think that where disable should be taught? I have given some options below:

i) Special education centre created for disables.

ii) With normal students in ordinary schools.

iii) Special education classes attached to ordinary schools.

iv) Or any idea which you have…!


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