Pakistan Studies is taught at various levels as compulsory subject. It made me create this blog as a resource center of “Pakistan Studies”. It is for all those who are ambitious to explore information about Pakistan. This blog would provide everything and anything about the subject of “Pakistan Studies”. It aims to help the students of various levels i.e. undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and all kind of competitive examinations in Pakistan. It may also help the teachers and researchers of history, political sciences and especially Pakistan Studies. The launching of this blog fulfils the need of those readers who have been looking for some authentic material elucidating the great historical heritage of Pakistan, on internet. This blog would fill that gap and demand. As a matter of fact, things move pretty fast in our modern and scientific world of today but I have tried to incorporate all the relevant topics/developments over here. However, there is always room for improvement and it may be further extended. I would continue adding new topics to it. This blog has been created by keeping in view modern educational psychology and presentation of topics is such, which could catch the eyes.
This blog has also been enriched with some personality / professional development notes, for youth, students and teachers in there respective fields.
This effort may benefit the readers. Readers may send their suggestions via e-mail. Here I would like to extend an opportunity to all those who can write an authentic article on Pakistan, I would post it on this blog with his/her name and email, if it met our criteria.